Bible Month

 Bible Month is an annual campaign that celebrates Scripture by inviting the whole Methodist Connexion to feast on one particular book of the Bible together. For 2024, the book chosen is Genesis.

Genesis is the starting point for all Christian theology and explores many of the foundational questions of life and faith: Who is God? What is God like? How does God interact with the world? How is that world meant to be? What does it mean to be human? What does it look like to be God’s people?

Through the book, we get to journey with many different characters as they wrestle (sometimes literally!) with finding answers to these questions in the midst of the messiness and uncertainty of life.


The stories of Genesis divide neatly into 4 bite-sized chunks, which we’ll take each at a time over 4 weeks in our Morning Worship at CHMC:

  • June 2nd with Rev Sarah Parkin           : The Sovereign God who Creates (Chapters 1-11)
  • June 16th with Rev Charles Nevin        : The God who Calls and Blesses (Chapters 12-25)
  • June 23rd with Mr Malcolm Gunn         : The God who Comes to People in their Struggles (Chapters 25-36)
  • June 30th with Mrs Mary Langton         : The God who Confirms and Safeguards Divine Promises (Chapters 37-50)


You might like to order the accompanying study guide:

Bible Month - 30 Days with Genesis — Preach magazine - a resource for preachers and worship leaders, putting world events into a biblical context (