Services from February 2021

Sunday 28th February

10:30am : Morning Worship with Revd Philip Peacock

 Rev Philip Peacock reflects on ‘Anticipating’ at a time when Spring is beginning and the prospect of emergence from our lockdown state is promised. The reading is from Mark 8: 31-38. Philip also speaks to us about the work of the Fairtrade organisation as we are currently in Fairtrade fortnight. This is a recording of Morning Worship first held via Zoom on 28 Feb 2021.

Sunday 21st February

10:30am : Morning Worship with Revd Louise Gough

Welcome to Worship! Revd Louise Gough takes as her reading Mark 1: 9 – 15 and reflects on how Jesus’ wilderness experience re-assures us that he truly understood the trials of human existence – comforting as disruption continues in our lives.

This is a recording of the morning service originally held via Zoom on Feb 21st.

Sunday 14th February

10:30am : Morning Worship with Miss Cassie Jennings and Rev Philip Peacock

Welcome to our Morning Worship on Feb 14. The service was jointly led by Rev Philip Peacock and Ms Cassie Jennings and Cassie chose a reading from Ecclesiastes 4 beginning at verse 1. Cassie is one of the Lay Pastors in the Wythenshawe part of our Methodist Circuit but also the Debt Manager for the Wythenshawe and SK8 branch of Christians Against Poverty, and she told us a little of her work in the latter job in her reflection.

Sunday 7th February

10:30am : Morning Worship with Revd Philip Peacock

 This the recording of Morning Worship on Feb 7th 2021, held origianlly via Zoom. Rev Philip Peacock took 'Balance' as his theme with reading was from Mark1: 29-39. 

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