Services from January 2021

Sunday 31st January

10:30am : Morning Worship with Mr Malcolm Gunn

 Welcome! This is a recording of Morning Worship, originally held on Jan 31st at Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church, via Zoom. Mr Malcolm Gunn led worship and chose as his reading Matthew 25: 34-45.

Sunday 24th January

10:30am : Morning Worship via Zoom only with Revd Philip Peacock

 Welcome to Morning worship for Sunday January 24th. Worship was led by Rev Philip Peacock with a reflection from Mrs Linda Rayner on the subject of ‘Doing Things Differently’. Linda is our Fresh Expressions Missioner. The reading was Mark 1: 14 - 20. This is a recording of the service originally held via Zoom.

Sunday 17th January

10:30am : Morning Worship via Zoom only with Revd Louise Gough

 Welcome to worship from Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church on Sunday 17 January 2021. This is the recording of a service led by Rev Louise Gough, originally held via Zoom. Louise reflected on how we can learn from the stories of young Samuel in the temple and Nathaniel under the fig tree

Sunday 10th January

10:30am : Morning Worship - Covenant - Zoom only with Revd Philip Peacock

Rev Philip Peacock led us through reflections on 'A Methodist Way of Life' and how it relates to the Covenant Prayer and we participated in an Agape or Love Feast. Please don't be put off by the links mentioned below - you can just sit and listen but there are opportunities to join in this dedication service which you may not wish to miss.

We joined together in saying the Covenant Prayer which you can find at - if you wish to make your commitment.

Information about the Methodist Way of Life commitement card  can be found at If you are a member at CHMC, you will find the commitment card was included with your membership card this year.

We joined in a Love feast - you might like to have something small to eat eg a biscuit and something to drink eg water to join in this part of the service.


Sunday 3rd January

10:30am : Morning Worship via Zoom only with Mrs Pat James

 Mrs Pat James leads our Morning Worship, reminding us that not all the characters in the Christmas story were young but they still responded to God's call and became part of His plan. The reading was Matthew 2: 1-12 The coming of the Magi.

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