Services from December 2020

Sunday 27th December

10:30am : Morning Worship with Revd Philip Peacock via Zoom and in the building

Morning Worship was led by Revd Philip Peacock and his reflection discussed 'Space' - the final installment of a trilogy of reflections on 'Hands, Face, Space'.

Friday 25th December

10:00am : Christmas Day via Zoom with Revd Philip Peacock

 Our Christmas day service was led by Revd Philip Peacock and his reflection was entitled 'U-Shaped Recovery' The musical contributions included a lovely recording by our friends at Cheadle Trinity.

Thursday 24th December

4:00pm : Christingle via Zoom with Revd Philip Peacock

Our Chirstingle service was led by Pam and Andrea from the Connect team and included a reflection from Revd Philip Peacock on sharing. There were musical contributions from Niamh and Lily and Joshua and a safety warning from Luke!

Sunday 20th December

10:30am : Carol service - in the building and via Zoom with Rev Philip Peacock

 This is the audio track from our Carol Service on Dec 20th 2020. The service was led by Rev Philip Peacock and includes favourite carols and the Story of the First Christmas from the Gospels. Philip's reflection, the second in a series was entitled 'Face'.

Sunday 13th December

12:00am : Toddler and Wobbler Christmas Story with read by Susie Metcalfe with a guest appearance by Father Christmas

Susie reads the Story of the First Christmas - interspersed with some well known children's songs. 

10:30am : Morning Worship - Community Carols - in the building and on YouTube with Revd Philip Peacock

We were unable to invite everyone into our building this year but prominent members of our community - Councillor Dean Fitzpatrick (the Mayor of Stockport), Mr Malcolm Johnson (Greenbank's School's head master) and Mr David Prior (one of the organisers of the Chelwood Foodbank Plus) contributed via video to our Community Carol Service. Revd Philip Peacock reflects on 'Hands' and Pauline Moore (Children's and Schools Worker) and Lind Rayner (Fresh Expresions Missioner) offer prayers - and there are some lovely carols for you to sing along.

Sunday 6th December

10:30am : Morning Worship - Toy Service - in the building and via Zoom with Mr David James

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