When is it?

Every other Friday, 10:30am

Where do we meet?

Coffee lounge and Room 6
For more information:
0161 485 1605 (Church Office)
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Wobblers is for crawlers/cruisers up to 2 year olds “finding their feet”. It takes place on 1st and 3rd Fridays, 10.30-11.45am in the Coffee lounge and Room 6.  Our Facebook page is ‘CHMC Wobblers’.

Cost £1.50 including drink and snack. (Sept 2019)

Regrettably we are currently unable to meet. Awaiting clear guidelines for children in this age group accompanied by parents/carers. Sept 2020. 

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Cheadle Hulme
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Ramillies Avenue
Cheadle Hulme
Tel: 0161 485 1605 (Office)
Email: info@chmc.org.uk
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